Catering with 18 Bagels Co.

From full breakfast spreads to just bagels and cream cheese, 18 Bagels Co is officially offering catering! Looking to surprise your team with a Friday breakfast? Organizing an event and need to feed your participants? We are your people.

When looking at our catering menu (located here) you will see many different catering spreads. We would like to note, however, that these can all be customized to your preference. Please call 8132500767 to customize your catering order!

Our most popular tray is the lox tray, where we have two sizes. The large size serves 18-22 people and comes with 2 pounds of lox, tomatoes, red onion, and capers on a bed of lettuce with a dozen bagels and cream cheese. The small size serves 10-12, and the only difference is that you are receiving 1 pound of lox instead of 2.

Another fan favorite at 18 Bagels Co is the premium sandwich platter. This platter also comes in a large and small size, where you receive 12 sandwiches in the large and 6 sandwiches in the small. The large also comes with 2 box coffees and 2 galloons of orange juice while the small comes with 1 box coffee and 1 galloon of orange juice. Only $5.99 for every additional sandwich ordered!

The lox tray and the premium sandwich platter are just two of the many different possible catering options here at 18 Bagels Co. Please take a look at our full catering menu located here or call (813) 250-0767 for more information!