A New York Style Coffee Shop in Tampa

Are you looking for a unique, new coffee shop in Tampa? 18 Bagels Co. is your place! Located on the corner of Dale Mabry and Kennedy, 18 Bagels does things a little bit different. Here we offer New York style water bagels baked fresh in Tampa. Sounds crazy, right? Think again.

What other coffee shop in Tampa has New York bagels baked fresh every day?

Ever wonder why bagels in the north-east taste better? The answer: water. New York tap water has only 6 natural minerals found in it, while Florida on the other hand has over 40. These minerals cause the difference of taste for the bagels, as they NY style bagels are boiled in water before baked. In order to replicate the New York bagel, we brought in machinery that takes the Florida minerals out of our tap water, and then pumps in the 6 NY minerals. What do you get? A great New York bagel baked fresh in a Tampa coffee shop.

Okay, sounds great, but it must be more expensive than other coffee shops in Tampa, right?

Not only is 18 Bagels Coffee affordable, but it’s yours. We have a full-service coffee bar, where you can create your coffee the way you like it. Oh, and did we mention we have free refills?

Some come relax and enjoy Tampa Bay’s most unique coffee shop: 18 Bagels Co.!